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Video Games Are Good: 2020

Posted on December 9 2020


As we all know, time is a construct created by human beings. According to Scientific American, it is believed that the Babylonians and Egyptians began to measure time at least 5,000 years ago. They had calendars to organise activities and public events or even schedule the shipment of goods. Little did they know that 5,000 years later, humanity would use their hard work to create one of the worst scourges to plague the Earth: Game of the Year Lists.


Posted on October 10 2020

A generic promotional Hades image featuring the main character thirst trapping gamers all over the world

It is the unwritten rule that there is one Good roguelike every year. It's true! Last year it was Slay the Spire, in 2012 it was FTL: Faster Than Light. 2018 gave us Into The Breach and we had Dead Cells before that. I'm sure the nerds out there would love to talk about The Binding of Isaac in 2011 or Rogue Legacy in 2013 (Risk of Rain, also in 2013, was bad, except from the first ten minutes when you realise the music bops hard) but honestly I never played them because I was busy in maths learning what factorisation was so I could forget it 6 years later when I actually needed it. Anyway, this year it seems to be Hades' turn to take first place. It's quite good!


Posted on September 5 2020

Factorio promo art of a factory

Whether you like it or not, Minecraft has been very influential. Despite being made by a man who (allegedly) spent a small fortune on a room made of rotten candy and spends his remaining days getting booted off of Twitter by the man that shows up to the site three times a month, it's been the source of inspiration for a lot of developers. It's not just the games that it inspires either. It's the games that inspires the games that it inspires. Back before the game was even officially launched, some mod developers made a mod that let you pipe items from chests into other chests. Others made a mod that gave you a machine which doubled your ore smelting. You could use these mods to create automated factories that turned Minecraft from a fun cave diving romp full of monsters into a fun spreadsheet diving romp full of monsters. Ten years later and we have Factorio, the end of the production line in this rather strange game of Telephone.

Persona 4 Golden: 7 Things to do in Inaba

Posted on July 22 2020

A picture of Persona 4 Golden Inaba's Shopping District

Tired of living in the city? Want to get away from the struggles of every day life? Feel like getting murdered by a serial killer? Come on down to Inaba! You'd be surprised at how much there is to do.

The rural regions of Japan seem to have a bad image lately what with all of the people disappearing into the TV, but we guarantee you'll have a great time. Don't believe us? Here are seven exciting things you can do while you're here!

The Last of Us Part 2

Posted on June 22 2020

A generic promotional The Last of Us 2 image

The Last of Us 2 is about the decision that doomed humanity and the personal conflicts that ensue from that decision. The Last of Us 2 has no interest in hope, rebuilding humanity or any kind of optimism. It's a game that lacks any kind of empathy and any positive message it tries to convey, it does so in a veneer of cynicism and arrogance. It's also pretty good.

Persona 5 Royal

Posted on May 9 2020

A generic promo image for Persona 5 Royal showing the game's protaganist.

JRPGs are bad. They are hundreds of hours long with pointless systems upon systems and combat mechanics from 20 years ago. They're always about fighting God and going on dates (I am a fan of only one of those things) and usually just end up with you having to read a guide to find out the optimal time to give one of your party members a piece of toast so they'll have an extra 10% extra damage in battle.

Persona 5 Royal has all of these things. It's amazing.