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Posted on March 4 2021


I started this website a while back as a joke. I originally planned for it to be an over the top site about exaggerating about how bad video games are to use the domain name. Anti-climatically, I have settled into just "man's opinions about video games", which is what you will find here. Oh well. I think it's more fun this way. And video games are still very bad, don't worry. As well as talking about specific video games, I also occasionally make videos that break down a particular subject in more detail. Those are pretty cool too.


I am Harry and I am from the UK, where exactly nothing good has come from.

I am not a writer in any form. Yet here we are. I am a programmer and also do the music thing sometimes.

By the way, if it's not obvious then all opinions are my own. Unless, of course, they are also yours.

Other boring stuff

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